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Investing in the Nonprofit Sector by Strengthening Leadership Capacity

Investing in Organizations Effective nonprofits are vital to the healthy development and quality of life in any community. An effective nonprofit, is one with a strong capacity to deliver on its mission. Naturally, this starts with a clear mission and purpose, but it also includes strong governance and leadership as well as financial and professional development…


Boldly Leading for Social Good

When Christina and I made the decision to focus the core of VIVA’s work on large-scale community impact projects, we knew that the work would never be boring. Facilitating multiple partners to address complex social issues, designing new systems and initiatives, bringing key stakeholders to the table to create a shared vision, and setting a…


Leadership and the Suspension of Disbelief

By Christina Bath Collosi   I am not a runner. Somehow though, I am running a half marathon tomorrow. It all started three months ago when I wanted to visit my former adopted hometown of Santa Barbara and I could not justify the travel expense without a really good reason. As I scoured the Internet…