Inspire. Engage. Transform.

VIVA is a social impact consulting firm offering comprehensive training, strategy, and communications consultation services.


Our premise: What do leaders have to know, and what skills to they have to possess, to be effective change agents? Using our years of leadership, training, coaching, and facilitation experience coupled with evidence from the field, we deliver leadership training and coaching services that fuel non-profit and public sector leaders, their colleagues, and their communities. Our leadership workshops, trainings, and coaching services benefit emerging and established leaders.

VIVA’s leadership training and coaching services are for non-profit, public sector, and philanthropic clients who want to build their individual or collective capacity to lead today’s diverse, multi-stakeholder social impact initiatives. VIVA’s clients also benefit from our wide range of social impact consultation services including strategy, communications, and implementation support.


The power of the cohort. Peer groups offer a powerful context for leadership development. Our cohort model combines emerging and established leaders in learning communities that develop the skills needed to lead collaborative and inter-organizational efforts. Participants learn how to create shared agendas, resolve conflict, build consensus, engage audiences, use collaborative problem-solving, and move people into action. With room for reflection, our work together is highly interactive. We use coaching, training, and other capacity building approaches to create lasting impact for the leaders, their organizations, and their funders.


Hone critical leadership skills in targeted trainings and workshops. VIVA uses the basic principles of adult learning theory to create highly interactive workshops that deliver results and maximize impact. Participants develop practical skills and tools for tapping the creativity, experience, and commitment of internal and external collaborators, and gain a forum for exploring their challenges and aspirations as leaders. Workshop topics include communication, teamwork and collaboration, conflict management, and facilitation.


See you later indecision. Get coached. Learn how to adopt an inquiry-based approach to personal and professional development and create impact through greater self-awareness, action planning, learning, and growth. Deepen your understanding of your leadership style and how to motivate yourself, your staff, and your board. Our experience is that you already know the answers to most of your questions but you need support drawing the answers out. We ask powerful but neutral questions, provide a safe harbor for reflection, and encourage you to act on next steps.