Triple P Positive Parenting Marketing and Advertising Bilingual Examples

VIVA developed a strategic communications plan and managed advertising production and purchasing for Sonoma County’s Triple P – Stay Positive campaign, which reached over 412,000 people throughout the county and resulted in raised awareness of healthy parenting behaviors.



The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® is an international, evidence-based system proven to reduce child abuse. In order to publicize Triple P services to parents in Sonoma County and encourage positive parenting during a child’s earliest years, First 5 Sonoma County employed VIVA Strategy + Communications to manage Sonoma County’s participation in a social marketing pilot project with Triple P International.



In order to build awareness of and investment in Triple P, VIVA developed and implemented a strategic communications plan and yearly action plans, coordinated the production of campaign materials, and managed countywide advertising and media buys. The ultimate goal of these efforts were to raise public awareness of positive parenting and Triple P by disseminating widespread messaging to drive parent participation and increase provider capacity.

VIVA’s marketing plan involved several strategies, including localizing the Stay Positive brand and collateral, launching a community-wide advertising campaign, organizing provider trainings and events, and working in coordination with Triple P International for the development of local bilingual Triple P websites for both parents and providers. Yearly action plans included specific activities to guide the campaign, and VIVA assumed project management responsibilities to ensure campaign progress and growth. 

Overall, the campaign experienced great outcomes. Over 412,000 people were reached through the Stay Positive advertising campaign, and 71 Triple P providers were registered on the Triple P provider website.

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