Triple P Positive Parenting Communications Strategy Examples

To support a campaign to de-stigmatize seeking parenting help, VIVA developed responsive strategies to build Sonoma County’s capacity to provide Triple P services to all families in need. Over the course of the three year campaign, 71 Triple P providers were registered on the Triple P provider website, and 8 provider events were held–evaluations of which were overwhelmingly positive, with an average event score of 3.5/4.



The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® is an international, evidence-based system proven to reduce child abuse. VIVA Strategy + Communications was hired by First 5 Sonoma County to build the capacity of the county’s Triple P providers to meet increased demand, with the overall goal of expanding the availability and sustainability of Triple P services.



At the onset of the project, VIVA conducted an evaluation that revealed county providers needed to build capacity in order serve larger numbers of parents. Harnessing this information, VIVA developed specific tactics to build capacity among providers with two end goals: increasing the availability of services to families in Sonoma County, and strengthening the partnerships in the community to build widespread investment in Triple P.

In order to reach these goals, VIVA organized 8 provider trainings over the course of the project that focused on Triple P themes, peer networking, and other specialized topics to fit provider’s needs. VIVA also worked with Triple P international to develop a bilingual provider website where providers could post and advertise their services, and access Triple P materials and resources. In order to assess the effectiveness of these strategies and provide a snapshot of providers’ progress, yearly provider surveys were conducted and analyzed.

As a capstone to the capacity building effort, VIVA coordinated a well-attended countywide Triple P event. The event brought together county leaders to learn about the long-term effect of negative childhood events, such as abuse or family instability, and the role that Triple P can play to reduce the occurrence of these events. High profile speakers included Professor Matt Sanders, the founder of Triple P International. The day culminated in a Triple P training with Professor Sanders for providers from Sonoma and neighboring counties. The event received glowing feedback, and achieved an average overall event score of 3.8/4.

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