Graphic design of strategic plan and process infographic and presentation

VIVA helped the San Mateo County Human Services Agency leadership team develop a visionary strategic plan that responded to the unique needs and priorities of the agency and its clients.



The San Mateo County Human Services Agency offers a wide range of services to support families and individuals, to help residents find employment and receive job training, and to ensure the wellbeing of children in their community. The Agency needed a strategic plan to be developed that tied to the county’s Shared Vision 2025, which aligns resources within and across county organizations.



VIVA’s strategic planning process emphasized hearing the right voices at the right time, through meetings with staff at all levels of the organization, community outreach surveys, client interviews, and a focus group with clients from five of the agency’s core service programs. Throughout, VIVA’s facilitation led to meetings that were engaging, thought-provoking, and insightful. The resulting strategic plan developed by VIVA identified five critical goals that will guide the Agency and each of its divisions in achieving its mission.

To ensure that the Agency’s leadership could use the plan as a tool to communicate the vision and goals to clients, partners, and community stakeholders, VIVA graphically designed the plan to highlight the diversity of the clients that the Agency serves and the many different ways it impacts and improves its community.


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