Human Services Agency Strategic Planning Process Examples

Following the successful development of the San Mateo County Human Services Agency’s strategic plan, VIVA supported the Agency’s branches in the development of branch-level plans that help foster a holistic approach to providing services.


VIVA previously led the Agency in the development of a five-year strategic plan that tied to San Mateo County’s Shared Vision 2025, which reflects the goals and priorities of San Mateo County residents and aligns resources within and across county agencies. The next step for the Agency was to develop strategic plans for its branches with the goal of creating a clear line of sight from the branch to the Agency to the County. It was important that the branch plans were aligned to the Agency plan, to create a shared vision and connected strategies to support it.


Through multiple planning meetings with branch management teams, VIVA ensured that each branch was able to develop implementable strategies and metrics to successfully achieve the goals of the Agency’s plan. Through surveys, engagement sessions, and focus groups, VIVA incorporated staff feedback to ensure that staff were engaged in their branch’s strategies. And through the facilitation of collaborative cross-branch meetings, VIVA ensured that branch strategic plans were not only aligned with the Agency’s plan, but also with other branch plans.

The process was so successful for the Agency that additional branches were later included in the planning process. The resulting strategic plans developed by VIVA reflect the Agency’s new, more holistic approach to serving San Mateo County’s residents and increase the capacity of each branch to contribute to the Agency’s vision.

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