VIVA helped Monterey County design its quality rating and improvement system (QRIS), strengthen its early learning capacity, and build an early learning system.


Quality rating and improvement systems are a key component of California’s early learning policy and funding. Without a QRIS in development, Monterey County found itself unable to take advantage of critical early learning funding opportunities. Furthermore, the county’s early learning system was fragmented and lacked the partnerships needed to develop a QRIS.


First 5 Monterey County contracted with VIVA to support its efforts to develop a QRIS model. VIVA shared its QRIS expertise with early learning stakeholders through a series of webinar training sessions that oriented them to California’s QRIS matrix and requirements. VIVA then helped them to design a QRIS model and prepared them to apply for upcoming funding opportunities.

VIVA also supported the county’s development of a more cohesive and aligned early learning system. VIVA facilitated conversations among the county’s early learning leaders, developing a vision, guiding principles, partnership agreement, and governance structure for the quality early learning effort. This work put the pieces in place for First 5 Monterey County, the Monterey County Office of Education, and the Local Child Care Planning Council to develop and implement the QRIS as partners. It also supported them in growing their early learning capacity by better aligning the partners and identifying how they needed to invest in order to build their QRIS.


As a result, Monterey County’s partners were prepared not only to successfully implement QRIS, but also to collaborate on how to grow and refine their early learning system.

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