VIVA completed a QRIS Communications Plan for Monterey County, in order to provide a framework for QRIS communications and outreach moving forward. The information contained in the plan was intended to guide communications execution during QRIS implementation, while allowing flexibility to be responsive as specific needs, opportunities, or priorities emerged.


Beginning in 2015, early learning partners in Monterey County collaborated to create a local quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) to increase the quality of early learning programs and enhance existing supports and services for early childhood educators. Through this effort, the partners established a strong foundation for a coordinated and sustainable early learning system to bring together early learning partners and educators. Monterey County reached out to VIVA to establish a foundation for QRIS communications that included all stakeholders in order to achieve the vision of the QRIS.


To ensure that the resulting communications plan would be effective and relevant to the county’s unique landscape and population, VIVA devised a communications planning process that included the convening of a QRIS Communications workgroup, conducting interviews, focus groups and surveys to gather the input from all key stakeholders: child care providers, parents, and the QRIS Consortium.

As a result, VIVA created an impactful communications plan that included creating a brand identity, QRIS website, and outreach materials for parents, providers and the community. VIVA also devised a comprehensive media and advertising campaign to further promote the importance of quality early learning and the impact of QRIS to parents and the public.

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