Friday Cafe Communications and Branding

VIVA met the end-to-end communications needs of the San Mateo County Friday C.A.F.É. program by creating a new logo, an introductory presentation, and a suite of marketing collateral. Friday C.A.F.É. used these materials to attract and support professionals involved in enhancing family-school connections and engaging families in their children’s learning.


The idea for Friday C.A.F.É. came from people working in the field of family engagement in Connecticut, who recognized that there wasn’t a professional organization or network for peer-to-peer learning and resource sharing in their industry. When family engagement experts in San Mateo County, California, expressed an interest in starting their own Friday C.A.F.É. program, the organizers happily provided a framework for success. However, San Mateo recognized they needed additional materials to support and sustain local engagement, so they contracted with VIVA to develop their foundational marketing and communications collateral.


First, VIVA worked with the San Mateo chapter of Friday C.A.F.É. to build a visual identity and logo, which became the basis for all their multi-channel communications materials.

In order to clearly articulate the purpose and benefits of Friday C.A.F.É., VIVA built out their web presence and created an introductory presentation for organizers to deliver to participants, funders, and other community stakeholders.

VIVA also developed marketing materials to promote the Friday C.A.F.É. program to family engagement practitioners, such as digital newsletters, banners for community events, and direct-mail postcards. VIVA rounded out the campaign by creating assets to be used in the Friday C.A.F.É. meetings, which included table tents and inspirational posters.

With this suite of digital, print, and in-person communications materials, Friday C.A.F.É. is meeting recruitment goals, cultivating active community engagement, and building long-term sustainability.

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