Fresno County B3 communications examples website video report

VIVA provided communications support throughout the launch and implementation of the Fresno County Birth Through Third Grade Challenge (B3 Fresno County), helping to spread the word about this innovative 0-8 initiative within and beyond Fresno County.



B3 Fresno County is a collective impact initiative that brings together non-traditional partners to build a birth through third grade continuum of support for children and families, with the goal of improving third grade reading proficiency. VIVA provided comprehensive support to the initiative, including developing the initiative’s communications and outreach approach, infrastructure, and materials.



Because B3 Fresno County involves many organizations across the county working together toward a collective goal, a strong brand and supporting communications materials were essential. VIVA developed the Birth Through Third Grade brand identity, as well as a communications strategy that harnessed the collective outreach capacity of the many organizations involved in B3. VIVA also developed fact sheets, a website, newsletters, a case study, and progress reports to support communications about the initiative to partners and other stakeholders. A photo shoot provided strong B3-specific imagery to enhance these materials.

VIVA also led concept development and coordinated the production of two videos on the early impact of the B3 initiative, which have been shared with early learning leaders across the state. Finally, VIVA provided media and public relations support, providing story concepts that became a B3-focused news series on a Fresno television station, and developing presentations on the B3 initiative which have been presented at relevant state and national conferences.

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