Boldly Leading for Social Good

By: Nicole O. Tanner|October 2nd, 2015|Posted in: Strategy|

When Christina and I made the decision to focus the core of VIVA’s work on large-scale community impact projects, we knew that the work would never be boring. Facilitating multiple partners to address complex social issues, designing new systems and initiatives, bringing key stakeholders to the table to create a shared vision, and setting a course that is aspirational …Read More

By Nicole O. Tanner|October 2nd, 2015|Strategy|

Data in the Social Sector: Crunching Numbers to Challenge Assumptions

By: Peggy Chang|September 1st, 2015|Posted in: Strategy|

There are two types of people when it comes to data: the type that gets excited, delves into details, and eagerly plows through spreadsheets, and the type that groans and goes to pour another cup of coffee to make it through the meeting.

It is completely natural for us to have these reactions. Our brains make associations from our experiences …Read More

By Peggy Chang|September 1st, 2015|Strategy|

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Graphic Facilitation To Advance Community Change Efforts

By: Edwin Ferran|July 27th, 2015|Posted in: Communications, Strategy|

In today’s human and social sector worlds, terms such as ‘collective impact’ and ‘systems change’ have become ubiquitous. I have found that helping stakeholders visualize the systems that are the targets of change and how they will be impacted is critical to advancing toward success.

VIVA believes strongly in finding visually powerful ways of communicating information, as discussed in one …Read More

By Edwin Ferran|July 27th, 2015|Communications, Strategy|