Disruptive Innovation in Public Agencies

By: Christina Bath Collosi|November 18th, 2014|Posted in: News, Strategy|

Public agencies today are faced with a unique set of challenges and opportunities.  Safety net and anti-poverty services are high stake and have little margin for error.  When services are done well and in optimal conditions, public agencies are the unsung heroes. When mistakes occur, or are perceived to occur, they are hashed out and replayed across newspapers and …Read More

By Christina Bath Collosi|November 18th, 2014|News, Strategy|

Wonk Talk

By: Christina Bath Collosi|April 28th, 2014|Posted in: News, Strategy|

Do you remember how all adults spoke on Charlie Brown? “Wonk. Wonk. Wonk.” I increasingly find that wonk-talk has reached new heights in the circles of VIVA’s work. I can see lips moving but murky faces of others trying to decode the jargon. Boards of Directors are confused. Commissioners are confused. Staff is frustrated that Boards and Commissioners are …Read More

By Christina Bath Collosi|April 28th, 2014|News, Strategy|