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Developing a New Website: It’s Not as Daunting as You Think

Here is a fact we all know to be true: technology is always changing. Did you just buy the latest iPhone? Don’t get attached–something newer and better is inevitably going to come along within the next six months. Websites are no exception to this ever-changing landscape. Websites we visit on a daily basis are constantly…


QRIS Communications: Keep It Simple

QRIS is undeniably complex – and with reason! Quality rating and improvement systems assess, improve and communicate the quality of early childhood programs, and can be thought of as a framework for improving quality in the early learning system overall. However, this complexity makes it a very hard concept to explain to parents and providers,…


Attention Grabbing: Unique Ways of Presenting Information

Here at VIVA, we’re always intrigued by articles and websites that present information in new or unique ways—especially when they use powerful visuals to present the information. After all, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. There have been several unique articles and graphics that have caught our eye recently: Your Contribution to…