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Promote your brand and increase engagement with easy-to-order kits that meet children’s and educators’ needs.

VIVA Goods allows organizations to scale their impact beyond in-person service. Our customized kits give you the convenience and flexibility of purchasing low-cost, high-value products that support and enhance your existing work in QRIS and early childhood.

Developed through years of working closely with early learning partners and extensive research into educators’ and families’ needs, VIVA Goods’ curated kits teach, engage, and catalyze conversations between organizations and educators and educators and families.

We are passionate about the powerful impact our clients have achieved during our more than 20 years of social impact consulting. We launched VIVA Goods to continue to help our clients efficiently and effectively support families and educators.


Take the essential next step for the success of your QRIS! QRIS sustainability depends on engaged early childhood educators and families who value quality improvement. Capture their attention, raise their awareness, and create ambassadors for your QRIS with branded educator kits.

Our QRIS educator kits bring together essential products into branded bundles that are easy to store and distribute at scale. The items in the kits have been selected through years of gathering insights from early childhood educators and parents.

What’s Inside an Educator Kit

  • Branded box
  • Tote bag
  • Water bottle
  • Waist Apron
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Clipboard
  • Post-it notes
  • Pen
  • Up to two customer-provided communications materials*
Place an order

Price per kit: $50 + $300 one-time set-up fee + shipping

Want to customize the contents of your kits? Reach out to us. We’d love to collaborate with you to identify and source the products that meet your unique requirements.

*Kit includes the printing and packaging of up to two full-color, one page pieces. Digital, print-ready files must be provided by the client.

Customized Communications Materials

In addition to sourcing branded merchandise, the VIVA Communications team can work with you to identify your communications needs and develop materials to support them. VIVA’s team will write and design original materials to introduce new programs or provide additional information to QRIS educator kit recipients, or even create multi-channel campaigns to extend the impact of the kits and further support your goals.   

Speak with our QRIS experts about your unique QRIS communication needs and the specific materials you would like us to develop.

How it works:

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    1. Fill out a form with your information

    We’ll contact you to get your order started.

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    2. Send us your brand materials

    We’ll need your high resolution logo, color selections, and up to two existing flyers or letters to be included in the kits.

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    3. Submit payment and approve the order

    Then sit back, relax, and eagerly await the delivery of your kits!


VIVA Goods also works with clients to create topical kits for a range of program needs,  including School Readiness Backpacks, Early Literacy Kits for Families, Kits for New Mothers, Dental Health Kits, Visitation Kits for Foster Children, and more. Contact us for more information.