Social Media for Social Good

By: Annalise Stromsta|September 15th, 2015|Posted in: Communications|

Just a couple of weeks after starting my job at VIVA last summer, I found myself standing outside on a sunny afternoon, holding a camera as two coworkers poured a bucket of ice water onto one of my colleague’s heads. Not usually a part of a typical workday, but it was the summer of 2014 and the summer of …Read More

By Annalise Stromsta|September 15th, 2015|Communications|

Spinning Out of Control? A Communications Strategy Can Help

By: Laura Bowen|August 17th, 2015|Posted in: Communications|

Sometimes communications work, especially for organizations focused on positive community change, can feel like being on a hamster wheel. Limited resources, limited time, and lots of demands means staff are constantly on the go, moving rapidly from one task to the next. This is often the case when an organization has dedicated communications staff—and it can be even more …Read More

By Laura Bowen|August 17th, 2015|Communications|

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Graphic Facilitation To Advance Community Change Efforts

By: Edwin Ferran|July 27th, 2015|Posted in: Communications, Strategy|

In today’s human and social sector worlds, terms such as ‘collective impact’ and ‘systems change’ have become ubiquitous. I have found that helping stakeholders visualize the systems that are the targets of change and how they will be impacted is critical to advancing toward success.

VIVA believes strongly in finding visually powerful ways of communicating information, as discussed in one …Read More

By Edwin Ferran|July 27th, 2015|Communications, Strategy|