Strategic. Tactical. Smart.

Communications is where strategy, organizational change and coalition building meet the real world.

Effective communications are critical to the success of any initiative. We give proper attention to the strategic quality of communications and provide our clients with the tactical support they need to follow through with the plans we make.

VIVA’s approach is to identify the information needs of stakeholders at all levels and develop communications solutions that help support the effectiveness of partners and coalitions as a whole. The result is increased visibility and awareness of your organization’s issues, results and impact.

VIVA communications services include:

  • Comprehensive and strategic communications planning
  • Social marketing campaigns
  • Cause marketing
  • Development of collateral material tied to client needs, goals and initiatives
  • Strategic communications research and writing
  • Branding and identity creation

“As our communications partner, VIVA brings expertise, knowledge, and passion to both our Read Talk Play and Stay Positive campaigns. They produce thoughtful, targeted messaging and communications support that has been an asset to all of our communications work.”
– Carol Caldwell-Ewart, First 5 Sonoma County